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Lion Steel uses HDRI, HBI, pig iron and selected scrap as raw materials to produce quality steel.
The EAF-CSP process, being a continuous process from raw material to finished coil, contributes to greater cost efficiency.
Direct Current Electric Arc Furnace of an advanced design.
Ladle Furnace and Vacuum Degassing facilities enable the production of special quality steel.
Thin Slab Continuous Caster to cast thin slabs.
7-Stand Hot Strip Mill with 4-High CVC (Continuous Variable Crown) design guarantees strip profile and gauge accuracy.
Laminar Cooling System ensures even strip temperature and mechanical properties of coils with excellent surface quality.
Continuous Pickling and Oiling Line to remove mill scale from the strip.
5-Stand 4-High Tandem Mill able to reduce strip thickness to 0.35mm.
Electrolytic Cleaning Line to clean and remove all emulsion strains from the strip before final coiling.
Batch Annealing Furnace to reduce the hardness of the strip.
Temper Mill ensures final flatness and mechanical properties of the strip.
Recoiling and Oiling Line to cut the final strip according to customers’ specifications.
Water Treatment Plant for treatment and recycling of water.