1. Who can apply for the LPF Scholarship?

  • All Malaysian citizens who wish to pursue tertiary education in a recognized public university or private college in Malaysia.
  • Minimum 3As and 1B in STPM, Matriculation/Diploma with minimum CGPA of 3.40, minimum 5As in UEC, Pre-University such as A-Levels with minimum result of ABB or Foundation Studies with scoring of 85% and above.
  • Active in sports and extra-curricular activities.
  • Applicants must not be bonded or receiving any form of financial aid or award from other educational institutions or organisations.

2. Where can I find the list of recognised public universities and private colleges in Malaysia?

  • You may log on to https://www2.mqa.gov.my/mqr/english/eakrbyipta.cfm and click on "Public/ Government Institutions” or “Private Institutions” located on the left dashboard and select the relevant fields. Then, the names of public universities or private colleges in Malaysia will be listed depending on your selection.

3. I am a SPM leaver; can I apply for the LPF scholarship?

  • No, this is only applicable for STPM, UEC, Matriculation, A-Levels, Foundation or Diploma leavers.

4. Can I be considered for a scholarship if I choose to study abroad?

  • No, please kindly refer to question no. 1.

5. How do I apply?

  • Please click on "Application" at the top of the page to apply and kindly submit your application before the closing date on 31st August 2023.

6. If I missed the application deadline, can I submit my application manually?

  • No, only online applications submitted on or before the deadline will be considered.

7. What is the coverage of the LPF Scholarship?

  • RM10,000 per academic year.

8. I have family members working in Lion Group; can I apply for the scholarship?

  • Yes, you are highly encouraged to apply for the scholarship.

9. Will I have to serve any bond with the Lion Group upon graduation?

  • Yes, upon graduation the successful scholar will serve a bond period per their course period. During this bond period, you will be assigned suitable positions() within the Lion Group of Companies. The aim is to develop you through exciting, challenging work experience, exposures and formal (in class) learning.

10. How long is the bond period?

  • The bond period is the same as your course period i.e. 12 months for each year of scholarship received.

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