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    Bright Steel pioneered the Malaysian cold finished steel bar industry and is today the largest such manufacturer in the country. We have advanced capabilities that includes the latest machines to supply different grades of steel bars, including free-cutting steel that ensures better machinability. Our products are suitable for general engineering purposes, including hydraulic fittings, automotive parts and motor shafts.

    Our manufacturing process features a unique state-of-the-art pickling plant that is the most modern in South East Asia. Fully designed by Kobe Steel of Japan, its advanced design enables temperature and chemical composition to be better controlled, and has proven more effective in descaling the surface to remove all traces of rust, ensuring a very clean and bright surface. Quality control is maintained at every step of the production process from purchasing to delivery.

     Our purchases from premier sources ensure the quality and timeliness of delivery.
     The bars that we produce are tested in compliance with international standards for diameter straightness, roundness and smoothness of its polished surface.
     Tests are carried out for tensile strength and hardness.

    Our cold finished steel bars are noted for their consistent high quality :
      Its surface is bright and free of scales; proving excellent for chroming, ensuring beautiful aesthetics.
      Its precise dimensional tolerance complies with international standards, enabling precision machining at all times.
      Its enhanced mechanical properties include superior tensile strength and greater hardness, enabling a lower grade of steel to be used, thus saving costs.

    Not only do we have good track record for quality and reliability, we also have the advantage of being able to produce a wide range of diameters, from 4.763mm to 101.6mm; and shapes including round, square and hexagonal. We offer competitive pricing and also cater for small orders.
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